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Reviews of Our Work

What are people saying about their experience at Clarity? See for yourself!
"I've used Sean to master my tracks. He's a true professional, does fantastic work, and is a great guy. What more could you ask out of an engineer?"
Weston Gardner
September 5, 2017
"When we needed a new mix and master of our song for an upcoming lyric video, we chose Sean at Clarity Recordings - and we're so glad we did!! He has such a great ear for the minute details, he listened to our feedback, and translated it into a final version we were proud to share (and with a faster-than-expected turnaround). We would recommend him to anyone who wants a professional boost to their quality of sound! Thanks, Sean!!"
Regina Brown / Quel Bordel
June 20, 2017
"Sean helped me with releasing my first full length album. We did everything from production, post production and even album art and CD album design. As someone that grew up with similar music interests, it made working with him so much easier and was pretty much on the same page with what I had envisioned with my music. Thanks so much for all the help!"
Michael Timog
February 15, 2017
"Sean at Clarity Recordings took us under his wing and gave us a comfortable, friendly, and professional recording experience. He is versatile, affordable, and truly loves music, which definitely shows in his work. This studio's ever expanding catalogue of cutting edge equipment keeps attention to detail the mail focus. I recommend this San Diego based studio for any artist or band that cares deeply about their craft."
Cory Crummel
February 5, 2017
"Sean is the master of audio! I felt comfortable and confident right away with his abilities. He offered great advice throughout the recording and it was much appreciated. I am very happy with my overall experience and product in the end. This is my go to studio!"
Michelle Martinez / Jovias
January 19, 2017
"Sean is the best guy in San Diego to work with. Over the past five years or so i've gotten to work with some awesome producers and engineers around San Diego and LA, and at the end of the day, my experience at Clarity has trumped all other experiences. Sean has such a strong understand of music and theory that no matter what your genre is, Sean will know how to work with you and help take your songs to the next level. Over the last two months my band has been recording a full-length at Clarity and thanks to our producer/engineer, I'm confident it will be our strongest release!"
Robb Laffoon / The Wild Young Hearts
December 20, 2016
"I first contacted Sean at Clarity Recordings for artwork design for some shirts. The work was very inexpensive and high quality. I enjoyed working with Sean so much that I decided to give Clarity Recordings a try for some recordings. Long story short, the work was detailed, fast and very inexpensive. You will pay WAY more at big name studios for the same work Sean will do. Sean really knows his way around his recording software and has an amazing ear. He is very producer oriented and can really help you out with ideas if you're a younger band looking for some direction. 5 stars for sure!"
Alexis Robles / Shyfox
August 29, 2016
"If you're looking for an amazing audio production studio in San Diego County, Clarity Recordings crushes it. Sean not only has a great ear and some amazing gear, he has the heart of an artist and is very intuitive to what other artists are trying encapsulate with their unique and individual sounds."
Matt Koruba / Nothing Sacred
July 13, 2016
"Before I walked into Clarity Recordings, I lacked direction as an artist. Sean & Clarity helped forge my artistic vision and find my talents and strengths."
Johan Malo
March 8, 2018
"Sean is an amazing engineer! Our recordings from Clarity are very high quality. The first song we released has already had some radio play. He has a great ear, high quality gear, lots of attention to detail and really knows his stuff. Sean has a positive attitude which helps keep the vibes inspiring. We will definitely continue to record at Clarity Recordings!"
Jennie Lynn / Imagery Machine
February 15, 2018
"Recording with Sean at Clarity Recordings was one of the best experiences in the studio I've had in my 20 year career in music and recording arts. He goes above and beyond to achieve what the client is looking for, sonically speaking, in a comfortable setting that doesn't make you feel like you're counting down the hours you have left in the budget. The results speak for themselves."
Justin Linn
January 19, 2018
"Sean is a total badass! My song Snapchat Girl came out amazing. 10 stars."
Pat Hilton
June 27, 2017
"Simply put, Clarity Recordings is the best bang for your buck. If you're looking for top notch sound and an end product that rivals any other professional studio than look no further Sean Tolley and clarity Recordings. The rates are incredibly competitive, the atmosphere is relaxed and Sean is well versed in all the latest recording technology so you can rest easy knowing your music will sound outstanding. You wont regret doing business with Sean, the demo he helped us record got us a ton of gigs."
Shaun Skelton / American Rust
November 14, 2016
"I started working with Sean due to a referral, I guess everyone can say we are picky on who we work with, especially if it's making your music come together. Soon I realized that he was on top of his work and consistent, his feedback was neutral and without holding back in a very positive constructive perspective. We will return to his studio and recommend it to anyone and everyone to get that great sound. We did not get rushed but he was down to business and we also felt very comfortable and productive with him and his approach. We will come back and continue working with Sean and Clarity Recordings!"
Julio Martinez / Jovias
September 8, 2016
"Clarity's Engineer Sean knows what's up. Professional Sound. Great Atmosphere. Excellent Production. If you're band is serious on sounding good, this is where you belong."
Nick Nova / The Calefaction
August 12, 2015