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The Clarity Team

Clarity started as a single engineer in a house full of musicians. As friends have come and gone in the house, we've actually picked up a couple of talented and production-minded friends to help out! We're slowly growing, as is our collective!
Sean Tolley
Producer / Engineer / Session Musician / Songwriter
A recording background spanning almost 20 years, a seasoned touring artist, and a veteran session musician, Sean brings his relentless attention to detail and ear for melody to every recording at Clarity. Having started Clarity to help bands record high quality demos and pre-production, Clarity quickly grew in a full-scale production house with 24-track live capability and an out-of-control gear collection. Sean has worked closely with a number of top producers within the heart of some of today's best modern music, and is virtually always in the studio burying himself in a session.
Denzel Harrington
Producer / Asst. Engineer / Composer
Denzel first stepped into the audio world at 11 years old via his late-grandfather, Richard Harrington, a radio voiceover artist who encouraged Denzel to find his own voice. In the years following, he furthered his interest in music by taking percussion lessons and starting a high school garage band, graduating to local San Diego stages, and finally elevating to graduate with a BAS in Music Production from Full Sail University in the Fall of 2017. Denzel has worked alongside Sean on several projects here at Clarity, but maintains aspirations of producing electronic dance music for the masses. If you've got an electronic (or eclectic) project, Denzel is ready to bring your next recordings to life!
Regina Marie
Project Manager / Session Musician / Composer
Regina first fell in love with the violin at age 9, when she dove headfirst into what quickly became a lifelong passion. After years of orchestral and ensemble experiences, she pursued music seriously and graduated Cum Laude from Point Loma Nazarene University with a BA in Music and a minor in Pre-Therapeutic Psychology. Regina has been a session and performing musician for over 10 years for artists like Rihanna and Louis XIV, has toured internationally, and continuously strives to create music as often as possible. When she's not managing projects at Clarity or performing on your session, you can find her teaching music in her private studio, performing at weddings, or at a local show supporting the scene.
The Players
Our involvement in the San Diego music scene has allowed us to develop relationships with some of the most reliable and creative musicians around. Here's a small selection of our on-call session players!
Garrett Eland
Alan Guzman-Sanchez
Guitar / Keys
Keoki Lanza
Steph Colbertson
Justin Linn
Guitar / Bass
Chris Floyd
Eric Dark
Guitar / Keys
Wes Carmichael